Welcome letter:

Dear Students, Parents, & Guardians,
Happy New Year!!!

Studying Music is one way to improve the quality of your life.

This is a new year with new challenges! You have chosen one of your challenges (studying music!) and we will soon embark on our remaining musical studies and adventures for this musical year!

Lessons begin again Tues Jan 3rd.

Our street is scheduled to start being graded also Tues Jan 3rd … So, please drop off/pick up wherever you can & those needing to park – please be aware of graders on the road – feel free to park behind our place – just take care if driving down the alley – it’s pretty clear from 31st Street & not so clear from 32nd Street …

For in person lessons:
Continuing COVID Precautions:
-Lessons will be preceded by hand washing or sanitizing and followed by hand washing or sanitizing (students provide their preferred sanitizer, the Studio provides soap and water in the bathroom sink).
-Students are asked to avoid touching their faces as much as possible.
-We will keep our distance to protect everyone.
-Anyone wishing to wear a mask is welcome & encouraged to do so.
-I will continue to mask in the Studio for the most part.
-Voice students will face slightly away from me so that we are not singing directly at each other. -As usual, if a student is ill in any way, they are asked to not attend their lesson to help protect the health of the instructor and all the other students studying in the Studio.
-Similarly, if a student knows that they have been exposed to illness, they are asked to please not attend in person – Zoom, Skype, fb messenger, and/or speaker phone is an option in cases like this and must be set up as ahead of time as possible.
-Some lessons are scheduled to accommodate a 5 minute break between students:
     -please arrive only 2 to 3 minutes early for your lesson to avoid too much overlap in the Studio

Students always have the option of lessons on Zoom (or Skype or fb messenger) if that is their preferred method of studying (or a combination of online lessons and in person lessons).

Please review the Studio Policies whenever questions arise for you through the year & reach out if you need to!

Anna Bekolay’s Studio has a couple Spots open for this new year: to study Voice, Violin, Recorder, Fiddle, Music Theory (including History & Harmony), and Creative Piano!!! Pass on the word to anyone you know who is interested in studying!

Here’s to staying safe and making more music!!!


Anna Marie Bekolay (BMusEd, ARCT) writes and performs evocative folk and classical inspired music. She runs Anna Bekolay’s Studio & performs with many projects: Back of the Bus, The Stephanies, The Whiskey Jerks, Mac Talla Quartet, & does freelance collaborations: classical vocal album under stage name, Anna Maria Soparlo: “Songs in Loving Memory of My Father”, Flamenco Borealis, SWAG galas, Fringe play, “Brel!”, The Karpinka Brothers, Auresia, & new projects as they present themselves!

Anna has her Bachelor of Music Education, Orff level 1, and a gold medal ARCT in Voice Performance. In addition to performing and recording, she teaches and adjudicates at music festivals. Anna enjoys teaching musicians of all ages and levels (age 4 & up) bringing over 20 years experience teaching and performing into lessons that are individually crafted for each student while exploring some common repertoire to help create community within the Studio. Instruments she teaches include: Voice, Violin, Recorder (flute a bec), & Fiddle & also Theory (including History & Harmony), & Creative Piano.

Anna Bekolay’s Studio has Spots open for this new year!

There are Spots open to study Voice, Violin, Recorder, Fiddle, Music Theory (including History & Harmony), and Creative Piano!!!

Anna Bekolay, BMusEd, ARCT
soprano, violinist, teacher, adjudicator
Teacher of Voice, Violin, Recorder, & Fiddle

Anna Bekolay’s Studio

1019 Ave K North
Saskatoon SK S7L 2N5

Landline: 306-244-6993